A leading salon in Afro multi-texture hair sevices


The Ja`Nauzi's concept embraces the hair's  natural type and texture by utilizing strong technical skills and product knowledge to give options to all textures- coarse, medium or fine, whether curly straight, coiled or a combination of them all. In an age of global integration and inter-racial unions we are challenged with different sometimes unique hair types that needs the expertise of professionals with the eyes and tools to meet the challenges they present.
The Ja'Nauzi's brand is a leader in this field.

Afro hair types are our foundation  We do it very well!
The Afro/multi-textured  hair clientele is the most diversified of them all and all the disciplines (techniques and approaches) are celebrated in our salon culture. No matter the hair type or condition we have the experience , the products  and expertise .
The strong Classic strong designs, their updated more textured versions and strong color enhancements are a must. If you require Braids or otherhair Weaving and Extensions these services are also done with a high level of skill and expertise.