We seek two hairstylist with diplomas from approved institutions and with experiences in performing services on both Caucasion and Afro textures with efficiency. Stylists must possess strong skill sets in cutting and coloring services. NO NEED TO BE EFFICIENT TOTALLY IN RELAXING AND TEXTURIZING SERVICES BUT MUST BE WILLING TO BE TRAINED IN-HOUSE FOR MINIMUM 6MONTHS TO BE EFFICIENT IN THESES AREAS.



Excellent opportnities beckons the horizion for the muli-texural and or afro stylist who has the committment , the  desire , the passion, the patience  and the energy for  a new team experience ; to become part of a unique team of international  hair stylists who will be performing their skills to clients in different  parts of world ,

Prepare your resume's now and shapen  your skills ! This is a unique opportunity as you would find.

If you wish to get ahead submit your CV with full ist of qualifications references and photos to :