Terms & Conditons

Methods of Payment

We accept all methods ofpayment including Visa , Master and American Express. Local checks are accepted but there will be a $25 dollar charge if check is dishonored.


All of our services are guaranteed and dissatisfied guest are asked to contact us immeadiately with your concerns.


All cancelled appointments without notification will be subjected to a $25 charge . All online appointments will be confirmed by phone . Appointments booked online one hour before service make not be guaranteed . please contact salon by phone for confirmation.


Special Needs

All special needs e.g allergic reactions , sensitivities, private needs  or medical conditions that  may be impacted by our services  need to mentioned to stylist/salon personnell during consultation or before beginning of service  . Despite  you situation once we are aware   we will nevertheless give your full service you deserve.

Product Refunds

Products will not be accepted after in possession of buyer for more than 7 days.  Products opened will not be accepted as returns . Unused products may be returned but intead of cash returns a credit toward other products or  services  will be given.