JA`NAUZI'S- The Team


Our styling team draws from the industry a pool of talented and higly motivated professionals with a range of skills and experience that will satisfy almost any hairtype that visit our salons. With representation  from five different countries and cultures they bring both their technical  skills and cultural awareness to a City of diverse populations. If you are a vistor you can be assured will feel very relaxed with this team .

Ozzie -TechDirector

The team leader ,salon trainer and salon consultant . His strengts lies in his ability to create solid hair cuts with accompanying color whether for a classic traditional look or a  trendy fashion forward design. An  excellent judge of hair types and condition he has a base of knowledge that will provide you with the best tools and products for your hair type .A specialist  in relaxing and alternative relaxing approaches  and hair maintenance. 

Janet - Manager / Senior Weaver Technician

Janet Manager Senior Weaver Technican

A very experience hair replacement and hair addition specialist . After 30 years in this area you can expect the correct recommendation and finish for your  particular hair replacement challenge . Knowledgable in commercial and artificial hair. An efficient and fast  soft curl permenant wave( Gherri-Curl) stylist and a specialist in commercial hair.

Debbie- Senior Stylist

Debbie Senior Stylist

A very experienced stylist with all hair types and textures. Very strong  in short hair cuts , color and finishing . A high quality relaxer and alternative relaxing stylist and a good listener to your needs. Very experienced , strong product knowledge and care specialist. A Redken trained cutting and coloring specialist  


Maxine-  Senior stylist

A very talented and experienced   stylist with skillsets in natural and chemically processed hair. Good relaxing and finishing and weaving skills  .The talisman in Braiding both natural and hair extensions. With over thirty years braiding you can expect the perfect recommendation,  high quality finish in quick time and the info on how to maintain. A  personable character,she will relax you. 

Shryl- Senior Stylist

Another talented practioner in relaxing  and finishing in addition to being an excellent Braider and Weave Technician.A very detailed and neat executioner of her craft. Her baraiding and weaving is as neat as any and can execute good cutting and finishing on relaxed and texturized hair Working with natural afro hair she can find a pleasing style to meet your needs.

Alexia  - Stylist

Alexia Stylist

A rapidly developing stylist and Braid Technician with allround strengths in relaxing and finishing and executing excellent braid and weaving services. A quiet but efficient stylist , neatness and vesatility are her hall marks . Very good for your updo's and evening looks.

Keren- Stylist

Efficient and brutally keen on the perfect look she ensures she give it her all in every hair. An excellent finisher in blowdrying and finishing long hair and a very good relaxing and texturiizing stylist. Another neat freak she will give you the complete shampoo, condition and treatment for all hair types and a very good and upcoming colorist.Efficient in pin-ups and curl sets.